#BrewYork 5!

The Lineup - Be Jealous

The Lineup - Be Jealous

Friday marked the 5th gathering of the #BrewYork crew. Personally, it was my second time joining the crazies, and each time just seems to get better.

For those of you who don’t know about #BrewYork, we’re a collection of beer bloggers, homebrewers, and straight up craft beer fanatics around the NY/NJ/CT area who come together to share their love and spread the word of this crazy thing called craft beer with each other and anyone who will listen. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

The signature events of #BrewYork is our #BrewYork proper events.  At these events, each of us brings a bottle or 2 of beer.  It could be an old favorite, a current crush, something you don’t see everyday, or one of those rare beers you’d give your left arm for.  We never disappoint, and our contributions would leave any beer geek drooling.

David described it as epic, and it was in every sense of the word. The beer list was the best selection on the East Coast, if not the whole US. And believe it or not, it was outshined by the people.

The collection of beer knowledge in the room is simply staggering. It can be extremely intimidating…until you talk to someone. Then you’re immediately put at ease, and just want to soak up as much knowledge as you possibly can. From tasting points with Lee, to commercial brewing with Matt, to the finer points of homebrewing with too many great homebrewers to list, it’s a bunch of the smartest yet most approachable people in the beer community. #BrewYork is a shining example of why #BeerPeopleRGoodPeople.

Check out some great pictures from Adam on Facebook, and David’s post has some great ones as well.

Now, without further adieu, here’s the rock star of the night, the beer list:

Favorites in Bold

  1. Surly – Hell Keller Bier/Zwickel Bier
  2. Half Acre/Three Floyds – Shewolf IPA
  3. Odell – Mountain Standard Reserve ’09 Deep Mahogany Ale
  4. Mikkeller – Funky Star Belgian Strong Pale Ale
  5. Dogfish Head – My Antonia
  6. Sierra Nevada – Fritz & Ken Stout
  7. Sierra Nevada – Charlie, Fred & Ken Helles Bock
  8. Sierra Nevada – Jack & Ken Barleywine
  9. Cigar City – Jai Alai’ IPA
  10. Russian River – Pliny The Elder Double IPA
  11. Russian River – Damnation
  12. Great Divide – Wild Raspberry Ale
  13. Dark Horse – Smoked Stout
  14. Capt. Lawrence – Smoke from the Oak (wine barrels)
  15. New Belgium – Lips of Faith Le Fleur Misseur
  16. Alesmith – Old Numbskull Barleywine
  17. Great Divide – 16th Anniversary Oak Aged Double IPA
  18. Mike/Simply Beer – Matrimoniale ESB Wedding Beer
  19. Mike/Simply Beer – Double Matrimoniale
  20. Mike/Simply Beer – Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Matrimoniale
  21. Lost Abbey – Carnevale  Saison
  22. Cigar City – 110K+OT
  23. Cigar City – “Humidor Series” 110K+OT
  24. Captain Lawrence – Cuvee de Castleton–Batch #3
  25. Captain Lawrence – Cuvee de Castleton–Batch #4
  26. Hoppin’ Frog – B.O.R.I.S The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout
  27. Hoppin’ Frog – B.O.R.I.S The Crusher Oatmeal Imperial Stout–Barrel Aged
  28. Urthel – Hop-It Belgian IPA
  29. Brooklyn – Blue Apron Ex-French Laundry Beer
  30. Goose Island – Bourbon County Stout 2010
  31. Panil – Barriquee 2007
  32. Goose Island – Bourbon County Coffee Stout
  33. Dogfish/Sierra – Life & Limb
  34. Great Divide – 16th Anniversary Wood-Aged Double IPA
  35. Dogfish Head – Sah’tea
  36. Dogfish Head – Black & Blue
  37. Stone – 14 Emperial IPA (14th Anniversary)
  38. The Bruery – Oude Tart
  39. Southern Tier – Cuvee Series Two
  40. New Glarus – Wisconsin Belgian Red
  41. Great Divide – Yeti
  42. Long Trail – Brewmaster Series Coffee Stout
  43. Ommegang – Ommegeddon
  44. Captain Lawrence – Golden Delicious
  45. Three Floyds – Dark Lord 2009

A few assorted pictures:

Lee and Joe enjoy a taste

Lee and Joe enjoy a taste

John's telling stories again

John's telling stories again

The host with the most

The host with the most

John's face says it all - a perfect way to end the post

John's face says it all - a perfect way to end the post

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