Taking The Dog For A Walk – Kegging My Flying Dog Pale Ale Clone

Kegging The Doggie Style

Kegging The Doggie Style

A few weeks ago, I kegged (yes – kegged. Stay tuned for the details) my Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale clone.  This was my first time kegging a beer, and I have high hopes for this beer, so it was an exciting day.

Normally, I give my beers 2 weeks in the secondary to clarify.  But, I just couldn’t wait with this beer.  After only a week in the secondary, I was ready to get this beer tap-ready.

After a long cleaning and sanitizing process (but still beat the heck out of bottling), I was ready to go.

Ready To Go!

Ready To Go!

But first, the best part: getting to taste how the beer’s doing.  If you remember back, I had a bit of a tough timing seeing how this beer was doing.  This was the first beer I dry-hopped, and I was hoping it would help up the hop ante on this beer.

And I’m pleased to say, it did!  Even though it wasn’t carbonated, I got a good whiff of hops from my sample glass.  And the flavor followed suit – nice and hoppy.  There was still a bit of yeastiness in the taste, and a different flavor I couldn’t identify, but I’m hoping the cold conditioning in the keg will help clean that up.

I siphoned my brew from the secondary to the keg.  This took approximately 80% less time than bottling, and I love it.

Yup - that's my beer

Yup - that's my beer

I hooked the keg up, and I have it carbonating at 11 PSI around 38 – 42 degrees.  It should take about 2 weeks to fully carbonate, but I have a feeling I’ll be taking daily samples to see how it’s coming (if not more often than that).


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