Joe’s Endless Summer Wheat

Here’s the latest edition to the River Crew Brewing Company’s family of brews:

Joe's Endless Summer Wheat

Joe's Endless Summer Wheat

Joe’s Endless Summer Wheat
This sweet brew’s drinkability is as endless as it’s namesake’s brewing knowledge.  Leaning more ale than wheat beer, the lemony flavor of the Sorachi Ace hop couples with coriander to create a crisp, easy-drinking ale.

Yes – it’s the first brew named after a non-River Crew member.  Sacrilege, I know – but there’s a reason.

If you remember back to late summer, I wanted to brew a summer-style beer.  An easy-drinking ale for those hot summer days.  I had recently become enamored with Golden Ales and Summer Ales, and I wanted to make something similar.

Unfortunately, my crush on summer beers spilled over into September, when I finally got a chance to brew up this beer.  I’m glad I waited though, as it turned out to work in my favor.

After putting out a request to my friends for recipes, HomeBrew Master Joe Postma hooked me up with his wheat beer recipe he converted to extract for me.  Knowing Joe’s track record (winning the first round of the esteemed Iron Brewer Competition), I knew I was in good hands.

Here’s what he hooked me up with:

Everything needed for a great brew

Everything needed for a great brew

1 lb – Wheat Malt
1 lb – Munich Malt

2.5 lbs – LME
2 lbs – Wheat Malt Extract

1 oz – Northern Brewer (60 min)
.5 oz – Sorachi Ace (15 min)

1 oz – Coriander (15 min)
Whirfloc Tablet (15 min)

Wyeast Activator 1056 California Ale

I made couple substitutions to this recipe.  It originally called for East Golding hops for the second edition.  I traded these for Sorachi Ace hops.  The Sorachi hop is characterized by a strong but pleasant lemony flavor, and I thought this would be perfect for the brew I was looking for make.  I also used a whirlfloc tablet to clarify this beer.  I know wheat beers are supposed to be cloudy, but I wanted this beer to be easy-drinking, and I thought getting some of the proteins and cloudiness out of the beer would help with this.

I had an awesome brew day for this beer.  It was the day of my first #HomeBrewYork at Bolero Snort Brewery, so I had beer on my mind all day.  It was mid September, and it was 72 and sunny.  Just a perfect day for a great summer brew.  And my brew day followed suit – everything went according to plan – even crushing the coriander!

Fermenting up a storm

Fermenting up a storm

After optimum fermentation temperatures (which has been a concern in the past) and a by-the-books conditioning and kegging, the result was exactly what I was looking for: an easy-drinking summer ale with a nice lemony kick.  If you closed your eyes and took a sip, you could almost feel the warm sun shining on your face with a cool breeze flowing by.  That is, until the cool breeze turns into the biting cold of winter.

I have a few changes planned for this brew in the future.  I’d like to bring the aromatics out a bit, so I’ll probably add another dose of Sorachi Ace and coriander at the 2-5 minute mark.  I’ll also probably make a yeast starter for this beer to make sure I get a nice, clean fermentation on this brew.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this brew.  I wanted an easy-drinking summer beer, and I got exactly that, even though I didn’t expect it.

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