New Site Features!

This site – it is a changing.

The addition of the kegerator opened up an opportunity to revise this site and add what I consider to be a pretty cool feature.

At the top navigation bar, you’ll now find an What’s On Tap? tab.  Here you’ll find everything I currently have on the 3 lines of the kegerator.  Each description includes a picture and a link back the posts about about that beer.

I think this is pretty cool.  I can share what I’m currently enjoying in the pub (and hopefully enticing you to stop by for a pint).  And I can share with you what brews I have coming up for the River Crew Brewing Company.

I’ve also reorganized the site a bit.  Now at the top navigation bar you’ll also find #BrewYork and Homebrewing links.  #BrewYork is where I’ll share my shenanigans with my crazy cast of beer-loving friends.  And in Homebrewing I’ll share some different techniques and equipment upgrades I’ve picked up along this brewing adventure of mine.

I think these upgrades will go a long way in share what I’m doing and brewing.  Definitely check back to see what we’ve got going on!

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