Craft Beer On The Rise – An Email Exchange

Taking Over One Pint at a Time

Taking Over One Pint at a Time

I guess my love for craft beer even shows through in the corporate world.  A co-worker of mine sent me this article stating that craft beer sales are up 12%.  :

It cites the creativity of craft brewers as an factor in this increase.  There’s no doubt this is a factor in it’s growth, and its become a defining characteristic of the industry.  I think there’s a few other reasons, when coupled with this, are really responsible for the uprising of craft beer.

Here is my email correspondence with my colleague outlining my thoughts.  Feel free to discuss in the comments:

From: Andrew Zenyuch
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 11:40 AM
To: Amber
Subject: RE: Beer creativity on tap | VIDEO: Reward shoppers who want to eat healthier | Price-sensitive drinkers lift spirits

Thank you so much for sending this.  I love being “tapped in” (get it?!) to the beer market.  Historically, craft beer (brewers who make less than 6,000,000 barrels a year) has represented about 5% of the industry, so seeing them make up almost 10% is really encouraging. 

I think this is due to 2 things, and the article touches on 1 of them.  The first is the whole “foodie” crazy being lead by the Food Network and the sudden interest in culinary efforts.  People are enthusiastically exploring new tastes and new cuisines, and chefs are actively searching for new and different ways to bring it to them.  They don’t want the same old meatloaf when they can pay a few bucks more and get a port braised pork shank served over autumn root vegetables.  The same goes with beer.  Why would I want a light lager with little flavor besides carbonation when I could have a bourbon-barrel aged imperial stout?  The new styles and tastes being introduced by the innovative craft brewers are really hitting home with consumers looking for something different.

The second is the trend to “go local”.  We see in our work that more and more supermarkets and retailers (aka Walmart) are trying to bring in more local produce to help reduce costs and reduce their environmental impact, while shoppers want to support their local community and take comfort in knowing that they’re helping a family who grew the product they’re buying by hand and have been doing so for years.  I think the same goes for craft beer, and couples with the movement for new tastes I mention above.  I can get the same can of Bud Light down the road here as you can at your local establishment.  Or I can get a pint at the new nano-brewery down the street, the new hyper-local place opened by a guy with a dream.  There’s a certain point of pride in buying local and supporting the little guy.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now, but thanks for passing this along.

From: Amber
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 10:42 AM
To: Andrew Zenyuch
Subject: FW: Beer creativity on tap | VIDEO: Reward shoppers who want to eat healthier | Price-sensitive drinkers lift spirits

The beer article below made me think of you!


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