Double Power Hour Double IPA – The Inspiration

Double Power Hour Double IPA

A brew as intense as a back-to-back session of the shot-per-minute pastime. Boasting almost a pound of hops, the super-bitter but smartly balanced flavor will help you power through to the 120th minute.

The Inspiration
With the year 2009 coming to a close, The River Crew gathered to celebrate the end of another memorable, life-changing year by doing what we do best – drinking in excess.

We were fresh off a Thanksgiving trip to Vegas for Jake’s wedding (it was planned, I swear!) where we discussed the possibility of ringing in the New Year in a bit of a throw-back way with an old school power hour. Stew (of the Breakfast Stout fame) had recently found his power hour CD of timeless hits from when we were in middle school and high school and really wanted to take it out for a spin.

So on December 31st we settled in around Travis’s basement, jamming to tunes we’d long forgotten (some of them on purpose) and putting down a shot of beer every time a new song came on.

When we were about half way in and starting to feel good, someone channeled their inner Ernie Banks and said: “Let’s Play 2!”, meaning they wanted a second spin on the power hour roller coaster.

Most of us (or at least myself) laughed this off as some ridiculous notion, knowing we could barely accomplish such a feat in our drinking prime of college, let alone being 5 years removed. But, as we closed in on the end of the hour, the idea was again proposed, and this time was greeted with nodding heads and smiles from people clearly feeling the affects of the previous 50 minutes. Those who hesitated were threatened of being left off “The A Team”, and you know how challenges are received while under the influence. We took a 3 minute break before stumbling back to the table to give it a second go.

The results were not pretty:

Aftermath of the Double Power Hour

Aftermath of the Double Power Hour

Notice me using Stew to hold myself up.

The rest of the night was a blur. I kind of remember singing my heart out, a spontaneous dance party, missing the ball dropping, and being EXTREMELY offended at what J-Lo was wearing. When we were ready to leave, the guys tried to convince my girlfriend (who did not participate) to let me stay. Her response was: go talk to him. After a short conversation I have absolutely no recollection of, it was agreed that it was in my best interest to head home.

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