Double Power Hour Double IPA – The Beer

Double Power Hour Double IPA

A brew as intense as a back-to-back session of the shot-per-minute pastime. Boasting almost a pound of hops, the super-bitter but smartly balanced flavor will help you power through to the 120th minute.

The Beer
Given this beer’s inspiration, I knew I needed something strong.  Like, really strong.  Something that could equate to drinking more than 10 beers in 2 hours.

I hadn’t brewed an IPA before, and with summer right around the corner, now was the perfect time.  But I didn’t want to brew just any IPA – I wanted something hop heads would love.  I did some research, and I started eyeing up More Beer’s Pliny the Elder clone.  I mean, if you’re looking for a big beer, you might as well go with the former top-rated beer on Beer Advocate, right?

Then I remember Pliny official categorized as a Double/Imperial IPA.  The story of our back-to-back power hour came to mind, and the Double Power Hour Double IPA was born.

Look at all those hops....

Look at all those hops....

This recipe packs almost a pound of Centennial, Magnum, and Cascade hops on top of almost double digit poundage of malt extract, with some corn sugar for a little extra kick.  It combines the first wort hopping technique with an extended boil and an aggressive dry hop.  It’s a hop-lover’s dream, and has a big 8% ABV kick.  It’s perfect for what I wanted, and really represents the Double Power Hour story.

Steeping and First-Wort Hopping

Steeping and First-Wort Hopping

The beer itself turned out as you would expect from the recipe and procedure above – super bitter but has a nice malt body to back it up.  The hops leap from the glass in a pleasant piney bouquet.  The taste follows the nose – piney hops mix with a nice citrus note at first, with a hint of the malt backbone showing through.  The hops reemerge on the back end, leaving a great hop floralness long after the beer has gone.

This beer’s exactly what I wanted it to be, and fits with the name perfectly.  I look forward to sharing it and enjoying it through the hot summer months.

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