Travis’s Matrimonial Mild – The Inspiration

Travis's Matrimonial Mild

This beer is mild in kick but full of flavor, just like the man of the hour himself.  This lightly-hoppy, malt-forward beer boasts a toasty, carmelly flavor – perfect for a long night before the Big Day.

The Inspiration
Travis got engaged at Disney World in 2008. The Crew went down to surprise him and celebrate his engagement. Tears, laughs, drinks and concussions ensued.

The thought of making a beer for his wedding never entered my mind at the time.  When he got engaged, I only had a few beers brewed under my belt, and only 1 good one I made by accident.  Luckily, Travis and his soon-to-be-bride wanted a long engagement, setting the date for their special day for June 18th, 2011.

Fast forward a few years and many batches of beer later, and we were hanging out at Travis’s house, discussing the upcoming nuptials and sharing a few new beers.  The conversation turned towards the beers we each had lately and our takes on them.

After explaining a few different beers , Travis excitedly announced his current crush is Yards Brawler.  He loved the maltiness of it, and said it reminded him of another favorite – Yuengling’s Porter.  He liked it so much he picked up a case of it to have on hand.

Seeing how much he liked the beer, I said: “Well, if you like it so much, I’ll make you something similar for your wedding.”

To which Travis exclaimed: “Dude, that’d be awesome!”

Travis was very excited about it, and I thought a beer commemorating his wedding in his favorite style was a really cool gift.

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