Kicking It Old School – The Recipe

This collaboration  brew’s a throwback to IPAs of yester-year. A nice malt complexity sits underneath an aggressive and floral hoppiness, all topped with an oak-aged smoothness.

Here’s the recipe for Kicking It Old School, an oak-aged IPA from the old Ballantine Brewery with Mike from New Jersey Craft Beer.  It was based on the recipe outlined on East Coast Ale’s Facebook page and modified for our set up using BeerSmith.

Estimated OG: 1.074
Estimated FG: 1.018
Estimated ABV: 7.5%
SRM (color):
IBUs (bitterness):
Efficiency: 72%
Batch Size: 10 Gallons

Fermentables (Grains/Malt)
20 lbs – Maris Otter (3.0 SRM)
4.5 lbs – Flaked Corn (1.3 SRM)
2 lbs – 10L Munich Malt (10.0 SRM)
10 oz – Caraaroma (130.0 SRM)
5 oz – 120L Caramel/Crystal Malt (120.0 SRM)

Mash Procedure
Mash at 152 for 90 minutes
Sparge at 168

Boil – 60 Minutes
45 min – 5 oz Bullion Hops [AA 8.00 %]
30 min – 4 oz Cluster Hops [AA 7.00 %]
15 min – 1 Whirlfloc Tablet
15 min – 1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
5 min – 2 oz Williamette Hops [AA 5.50 %]

3L Starter – American Ale Yeast (Wyeast #1056)

Primary Fermentation
Ferment at 68-72 Degrees for 10 Days or when desired FG is reached

Dry Hop
Rack to Secondary Fermenter
Add 1 oz – Amarillo Hops
Age for 1 week

Transfer to corny keg to carbonate
Add 1.5 oz Medium Toast Hungarian Oak Cubes in stainless steel tea ball to keg

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