The River Crew Brewing Company

Kinda random, right?  And how the heck does that tagline fit in?  Not the first thing you’d think I’d say if I told you I was naming a brewery or a beer site.  And it’s not – I had actually kicked around a couple of other names before deciding to stay true to my roots and go with this.  Like any good name, there’s a story behind it.  It’s something pretty close to my heart.  Let me take you through it.

It all started with a group of my friends – guys I’ve know since preschool mixed with some other like-minded fellas who had the misfortune of getting involved with us along the way.  We rode hung out, played sports, road big wheels, picked on each other, and all other growing up activities that bond a group together.

Towards the end of grade school and into high school, we started to hang out by a dam in the Schuylkill River (pronounced sku-kill) back in PA.  Why?  Why not.  We just wanted to chill together, and we found a spot that we all liked.  We used to build forts out of the trees and construction materials there.  As we got older, we just hung out there, smoked cigars, and had a few underage brews.

Slowly, we became known as the River Crew, and the name stuck.  It really solidified in high school, to the point we were making t-shirts and it was an honor to be “crewed.”  College came, and some went to the same school, and others went their separate ways.

Amazingly, we all kept in pretty close contact over the years, through college and beyond.  We even hosted our own little Thanksgiving dinner for a few years.  One thing is constant whenever we get together: beer.  There’s always beer around, and as we got older, the beers got more and more diverse.  One thing was for sure – we all loved trying something new, and the stranger the brew was, the better.

A little while ago, a few of us were (legally) drinking one night and a stroke of inspiration hit us: we needed to start our own brewery.  It was that night that the River Crew Brewing Company was formed, at least conceptually. We had a ton of fun coming up with some names for some beers based of friends and people we know, and we knew were onto something.

So we got to work, and here we are. We’ve learned a bit as we’ve been working on this concept, making great beer and picking up a few awards along the way.