What’s On Tap?

Currently on tap at the River Crew Brewpub

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Mattie's TKO Winter Warmer Kicking It Old School
If you antagonize this beer, it won’t hesitate to cold-cock you. Big, malty, with a strong boozy backbone, you may only last a few rounds with this brew. This collaboration brew’s a throwback to IPAs of yester-year. A nice malt complexity sits underneath an aggressive and floral hoppiness, all topped with an oak-aged smoothness.
A brew as intense as a back-to-back session of the shot-per-minute pastime. Boasting almost a pound of hops, the super-bitter but smartly balanced flavor will help you power through to the 120th minute.

What’s In The Works?

Primary – Jake’s Swedish Blonde

Secondary – Empty

Secondary – Empty

Bottled – Travis’s Matrimonial Mild

What’s Next?

– Timmy’s Polarizing Porter – Whiskey Barrel Edition

– Flamer’s Experimental Series: Mango-Ginger Wheat

– Flamer’s Experimental Series: Rye Apple Ale

– Travis’s Streets Run Red Ale

– Zennie’s Tree-Fort Plunging Pale Ale

– Timmy’s Awesoming Amber Ale

– CB’s I Love Scotch Ale

– The River Crew Lager

– Mikey’s BSing Cali-Style Ale

– Boom-Boom with the Bridesmaids Bock

– Travis’s Nuggets of Knowledge IPA

– Brewed Cider

– Cider/Rye Ale Blend

– Tripel

– Scotch Ale

– Timmy’s Polarizing Vanilla Bean Porter

– Stew’s Peanut Butter Beer for Breakfast Stout


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