Jake’s Swedish Blonde – The Inspiration

This beautiful blonde’s true to her Nordic roots. Sporting ample hoppiness on top of a thin body, she’s a bit hop-heavy without much to back it up.

The Inspiration
Unfortunately, there’s not much of a story behind this beer (or it’s just been kept a secret…for now).

Jake is the only crew member to live overseas, when he student-taught in Sweden. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m going to say he encountered at least 1 blonde female over there. Perhaps several. He might have even shared a beer with one or more light-haired Swedish ladies.

That beer could have been the start of a classic bender Jake’s been know to pull, which would have involved many beers shared with many women over many days. Over those days, he may have gotten all hopped up enough to make some bad decisions and hooked up with one of the women with yellow hair he’d been drinking with. This could have involved a quick game of “Just the Tip,” which, nine months later, could have resulted in a baby, making Jake the father of a Swedish Blonde.

But I digress.  Really, Jake spent some time living in Sweden, and this was a way to do a really hoppy summer beer.

Note: Although awesome, 90% of what is said above is fictional. This might be my favorite post.

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